I.N.D.O. – Seizoen 03

_Samenvatting van I.N.D.O. seizoen 03
_5-delige serie uitgezonden op Open Rotterdam
_Hoe verhoudt de Indische cultuur zich tot al die andere culturen in Rotterdam? Dit onderzocht ik in het derde seizoen. Ik ging langs bij Surinamers op Keti Koti. Met Marokkanen dronk ik thee op een avondmarkt. Kaapverdianen lieten me kennis maken met hun held Amilcar Cabral. Tot slot deed ik een hapje met Chinezen en legde de krijgskunsten pencak silat (Indisch) en Kung fu (Chinees) naast elkaar
_Camera: Bjorn Plooster
_Geluid: Ting Cheung en Henk-Jelle de Groot
_Audionabewerking: Any Color You Like
_Muziek: Reynard ‘Mucky’ Bargmann
_Motion graphics: Bruce Moerdjiman
_Productie: Christie Haalboom
_Regie/productie/montage/lijdend voorwerp: Tenny Tenzer

I.N.D.O. Promo

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_In August 2015 it was 70 years ago that WW II ended in the South Pacific. The period afterwards had left a radical mark on people from the Dutch-Indies, a former Dutch colony what is now Indonesia.
_Together with Christie Haalboom I made a 5-part documentary series that aired on local broadcaster Open Rotterdam about the cultural heritage of the Dutch-Indies. We connected people from different generations to learn from each other and to pass the stories on.
_Director/edit/camera: Tenny Tenzer
_Producer: Christie Haalboom
_2nd camera: Maritta Versnel
_Music: Reynard ‘Mucky’ Bargmann
_Animation: Bruce Moerdjiman
_Audio mixdown: Any Color You Like/Ting Cheung

Keep Challenging, documentary about cyclingteam Giant-Alpecin

_We followed pro cycling team Giant-Alpecin for more than half a year in their preperation for the Tour De France 2015.
_The documentary consists of 3 episodes. In the first one we get a exclusive tour from team boss Iwan Spekenbrink at the team’s headquarters and witness team meetings where the strategy of this year is unfold.
_Production: We Publish Media
_Camera & Edit: Tenny Tenzer

De Beats Van De Binnenweg

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_Techno comes from Detroit, Chicago is associated with house and Berlin is minimal. Does the city of Rotterdam -holding a variety of producers, dj’s and recordstores- also has it’s own sound?
Quotes by Rotterdam based electronic-icons: Serge, Alden Tyrell, Joris Voorn, Joachim, Ferry Corsten, Benny Rodrigues, Ronald Molendijk, Speedy J, Michel de Hey, Secret Cinema and Paul Elstak.

_Graduate-documentary from 2007 on which I gained my Bachelor of Journalism

_Language is in Dutch

_Research/interview/camera/edit: Tenny Tenzer