Belkin @ La Vuelta 2014

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_For 3 weeks during La Vuelta (Tour of Spain) we did live-broadcasting during start and finish of all stages plus made daily videoreports for pro cycling team Belkin.
_As an embedded filmmaker I got more in touch with the team then other journalists resulting in unique material of not only riders but also staff. During this tour we also experimented with on-board camera’s and get a unique view of the riders.
_Camera, edit, interview: Tenny Tenzer, Robert Koster & Danny Nelissen


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_Showreel containing fragments of the following clients:


_Corporate film: Kunsthal Rotterdam via CCCP

_Corporate film: Blanco Pro Cycling via Marketeer Op Maat

_On-the-road video’s for dj Ferry Corsten

_Local tv-magazine: Tussen Tuig En Talent via CCCP

_Behind The Scenes Lipton commercial via Art Of Branding

_Corporate film Nationale Nederlanden via Conspiracy Concepts

_Daily national broadcast feature: Zapservice for VARA


Kunsthal MaakMee

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_For production company CCCP I devised and directed the promotional reportages commissioned by museum Kunsthal in Rotterdam for their (re)opening exposition: MaakMee
_Main character was Dutch cabaret performer John Buijsman who played a reporter investigating how to build a exposition from A to Z

_script and director: Tenny Tenzer


Blanco Pro Cycling

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_Introducing the new power measurement system by Pioneer for cycling team: Blanco Pro Cycling (former Raboploeg)

_Camjo production

_Corporate video via Marketeer Op Maat